Mr Kipling Expression Sessions



A video-camera booth that films visitors in slow motion while they eat a Mr Kipling treat. The footage is then cropped, color corrected, and edited into a custom video, according to which cake they tasted and what day of the week it is.

The finished edit is then uploaded to a customised microsite for each Visitor with a weblink sent via SMS so the Guest can view their video and share it on their social media platform of choice for a chance to win tasty prizes.


Mr Kipling is a popular brand established in the UK that makes a variety of single-portion cakes and biscuits. It wanted to launch their products into the Australian market and needed something to stand out in what is an extremely competitive marketplace.

I designed and built a portable video booth to be installed into Westfield shopping centres around Australia to provide a unique experience for people sampling their delicious cakes. The booth gave the Visitors a fun and tasty experience along with a hilarious video to share with their friends.


As the Digital Production Lead at Traffik, I was responsible for all the hardware and software design, the backend design and hosting, installation support and commissioning of the booth at 12 locations around Australia over a 3 month period.

I also designed and built all the hardware required to deliver the experience, and worked closely with Iapetus to build the software. I also managed all the networking and activation support during the period of activation.


  • 12 locations installed over 3 months.
  • Average of 4 days live at each location, 8am to 9pm
  • 3,500+ unique videos generated.
  • 240 frames per second for slow motion video capture.
  • Robust travel kit allowing for quick and easy site installation.
  • So so many cakes eaten.


CLIENT Mr Kipling
DESIGN Traffik
TECHNOLOGY James Neale & Iapetus

Ui Screens and Tech